Healthcare Services


Certificates of Need

Certificates of Need (CON) are necessary in most States as requirement prior to establishing new hospital/healthcare construction, expansions, or conversions.  Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC), MRI imaging facilities, skilled nursing facilities, Opioid Treatment Programs, as well as other aspects of healthcare expansions require a complex and detailed application process. We provide the necessary, detailed research and successful experience vital to both the application submission process and/or legal opposition to a competitors’ CON.


Collaborative Medical Research

We participated in an invitation to join in a computational analysis via the Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research. Our multivariate data analysis used both raw and curated MRI and genomic data from select observational studies and interventional trials from Parkinson’s patients.


Public Health Needs Assessments & Policy Development

Our evidence based approach to public health needs assessment research provides information that guides hospitals in evaluating their health services usage.  We use epidemiological, qualitative and comparative methods of information gathering and analysis. For stand-alone, rural community hospitals proceeding with larger health-system merger and acquisition, such information is additionally valuable to both potential new administrators and current legislators.


AED (Automated External Defibrilator) Project Director

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) annually claims more than a quarter of a million American lives. It is one of the leading causes of death for adults in our country. Rural communities in their geographic isolation are particularly susceptible in contributing a staggering percentage of adult cardiac deaths, sudden and other causation, because of such extended distance of first-responder travel time. We created community proposals from initial need assessment, inception, concept and thru delivery phase to place AED’s in novel rural area access points.