“In designing the logo for our consulting business,” Jennifer Profitt explains, “I was crafting a visual concept of the movement of data through the aggregate whole, from one to many.” Profitt continues, “The image of our business card is how I see data as it connects, careens, and develops relationships and creates patterns. Our services are akin to that flow.”

When asked how she envisions her future clients understanding her services, she pauses thoughtfully and responds: “Admittedly, I have had the distinct advantage of all my clients having previously hired consultants. They know from experience how the right consultant can save them time and money on valued projects. I just demonstrate I am the right consulting firm solution for their situation.”


“It’s about fit,” Profitt replies, “and need.” 


“The power of data, as it exists in raw numbers, algorithms, literature review, experimental design, reports, narrative, and whatever many other forms it can be gathered in and collated –it all tells a compelling story. For some clients that data collection, compilation, and interpretation reveals what might strengthen their legal case, or for another client information about the physical environment, or another’s patient population, or some impact on their constituents, etc…”

Profitt comments, “In essence, we use a variety of data techniques to access and evaluate impacts, providing evidence based information about: hindsight, insight, and foresight.”



Samples of our services:


  • Predictive Analytics – What is likely to occur?
  • Prescriptive Analytics – What might we do about it?
  • Descriptive Analytics – What is occurring?
  • Diagnostic Analytics – Why has it occurred?
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments
  • Sectoral Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Direct/Indirect Environmental Assessments
  • Health Impact Assessments
  • Public Health Needs Assessments 
  • Utilization Reviews
  • Technical Project Management
  • Precision Target Analysis
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Overlay Match Targeted Data with: Uniform Data System mapping (UDS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping
  • Medical Science Liasion