About Us

Jennifer Profitt Consulting is an experienced firm with a demonstrated history of working with six primary industries that reflect our CEO and Founder’s educational accomplishments, employment history, life experiences, and passions. The firm was founded by and continues with the leadership of Jennifer Profitt. “When your business is eponymous, fully bears your name, it is certainly your own history in part then that shapes, substantiates, and upholds that business.” Profitt shares. “Everything that happens along the way, all the triumphs and failures, interests, curiosity, expertise, many achievements and disappointments, it is all part of the fodder of success.”

When asked to further explain she replies, “Let’s start with Crystal Climbers for instance,” Profitt smiles, “they were my absolute favorite toy,” she comments. “It seems even at an early age, I was looking for connections and discrete patterns among the interplay of form and function– though I probably wouldn’t have precisely used that vocabulary at the age of 3.5!”–Profitt muses. “I know my love of biochemistry and the exploring the relationship of patterns began there.”

About her firm’s environmental work, she says, “I also had the privilege of growing up where the color green must surely have been born,” Profitt recalls. “Several hundred acres of a temperate deciduous forest were my back yard. That landscape, topographically shaped by the ends of glacial moraines, also included a couple of ponds and several gorgeous streams and it was only a bike ride to the Whitewater River and Brookville Lake,” she continues, “I was obsessed with taxonomy and knowing the flora and fauna by name and behavior.”

Her deep love of being outside coupled with a persistent interest in aeronautics, pointed Profitt toward her earliest career in aviation. “I participated in Civil Air Patrol all through High School while finishing my ground school and learning more about the military,” Profitt remembers fondly. “I washed a lot of small-engine airplanes, other tarmac tasks and jobs, all in exchange for more flight instruction time and flew at every opportunity,” she recalls. “I merged well with the military and a natural segue was to enter into the US Air Force ROTC program during my first college life. The availability of pilot slots for women was then quite limited and as you might surmise, very competitive.” Profitt remembers. “When my eye sight transitioned from 20/20 to just typical undergraduate student myopia, that was subsequent enough to close that career door.”

What eventually opened next for our CEO and Founder was attendance in medical school and concomitant PhD Research. “I loved the rigors of study combined with research! Having the opportunity to learn experimental design from some of the best and brightest neuroscientists, was invigorating. I also sharpened both my publishing and Federal Grant writing skills while there.  I continued in the discovery of a passion for teaching and presenting. Good medicine at its heart is always the about the flow of teaching; your patients teaching you about themselves and you teaching your patients. But I felt a growing call beckoning beyond that one-on-one, for me which became the greater joy of taking complicated scientific information and disseminating that to broader audiences with a range of differing abilities and understandings,” she recalls with nodding her head in affirmation.

“Just at that moment in time, an opportunity became available to teach at a Midwestern university known as ‘the public Ivy League school’ Miami University. I took that employment for several years and began enjoying university teaching to undergraduate and some graduate students as well as serving as academic advisor to women students pursuing careers in the hard sciences.” Profitt replies.

“Since that time– it has been over a decade now– I have devoted myself and full-time employment to my consulting business. And it’s the best job I have ever had!” she enthusiastically shares. “Everything, I began saying earlier, everything that happens along the way is fodder for success. Of course, my resume is a click away on LinkedIn, but that is just one piece of the data narrative of the where, what, why, when and how of my owning a successful consulting business.”